At Residence With Laura Mazurek

Lovely work areaWe are pleased to welcome Laura Mazurek to the website today to share her pretty house with us!
Love the shape of this pot Lovely office area“I reside in the Texas hillcountry with my husband James and our 3 ‘furry and feathered’; babies, Violet (our puppy), Bella (our cat) and Nico (our lovebird).  We grew to become property owners in April of 2011 and have definitely been loving it ever because.  We sort of came upon this home by chance truly.  I decided one particular day that I desired to ‘pretend’; to property shop, by generating an appointment to see a home down the street from us that was for sale.  I had been searching homes on the web for weeks and was just feeling actually enthusiastic to kick commence the approach.  We instantly disliked the residence we went to go search at, but I had just seen a beautiful seeking home come up on the marketplace a few days just before.  I asked our realtor (who is also our pal) if we could go search at it and inside of an hour we had an appointment to see it.  The moment we the 2 walked in the front door we knew we desired to dwell there.  It just felt like residence.  So, our pretend home hunting date turned into the real deal and a month later we got the keys to our first home!”
Such a folky:fun home Love the folky details At Home With Laura Mazurek“The things that quickly drew me into our property was the neutral earthy wall shade, the arched doorways, the bay window and the fireplace.  I didn’;t expand up with a fireplace, so it has usually been on my checklist of ‘wants’; in a house.  During the winter it is a single of our favorite issues!  I often dreamed I would paint my home with plenty of color, but I am so drawn to the shade of my walls I have not had the need at all to modify it.  My decor is very earthy, so it just mixes perfectly.  Most of the furniture and decor in our residence are heirlooms from my mother and father residence.  Given that they are no longer with us it has been really critical and comforting to me to have these items in my every day area.  My mom and I shared alot of the identical aesthetics so it feels really all-natural.”
Love the homemade tapestry above the fireplace“My favored item in my area is the handmade quilt my mom manufactured when she was in her 20’;s.  It’;s the large sun quilt hanging in excess of the fireplace.  It is hand stitched and all of the fabrics in it I understand from child clothing she manufactured me or curtains we utilised to have in the bathroom when I was small.  If there was ever a fire in our property I have usually thought it would be what I would grab.”
Pretty boho corner Love everything in this space Great cacti!“Each James and I run firms out of our property, so the area is muli functioning.  I set up my studio for Roots and Feathers in a single of the back bedrooms, and have my office subsequent to our living area.  So James can be watching a film even though I’;m 10 feet away creating a website submit.  He has his screenprinting set up for Skyline Fever in our garage, as properly as utilizing the area to create and record music.  Portion of our continual rearranging has been to produce a area that seamlessly flows for all that we use it for.  I type of hope it in no way stops evolving!  We dream about adding a covered porch on the back and renovating the backyard with exciting gardens and sitting places.  I can not wait to see how this house grows.”
IMG_7064 Succulent loveThank you so a lot for sharing your house with us, Laura! You can find far more of Laura at Roots and Feathers or her on the web store! xo.