Animating Van Gogh: World’s Very First Fully-Painted Function Film

Animating Van Gogh: World’s 1st Completely-Painted Attribute Movie

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It is a amazing endeavor and nearly finished – a movie created up of 56,800 end-motion paintings, all presented in the design and informed by the characters of the tale’s protagonist: Vincent van Gogh.


The initial full-length characteristic of its sort, Loving Vincent utilizes van Gogh’s personal tactics to explore the lifestyle and death of the artist, “through his paintings and by the characters that inhabit them.”

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As its creators clarify, “the intrigue unfolds via interviews with the characters closest to Vincent and by way of dramatic reconstructions of the events leading up to his death.”

van gogh character still

This manufacturing by Breakthru Movies attributes 120 of the artist’s paintings and draws its plot from 800 letters, making use of them to flesh out a deeper picture of this frequently-misunderstood painter whose operate goes effectively beyond his most renowned Starry Evening and Mona Lisa.

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In van Gogh’s very own words: “Well, the truth is, we cannot talk other than by our paintings” – these industrious filmmakers are taking him at his word, and animating his pictures and topics to tell his story.

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Breakthru was founded by Oscar award-winning animator Hugh Welchman. However, the project did not raise adequate funds on Kickstarter, but given how far they have come a single can only hope the operate does not end in tragedy.