An Ultra Contemporary Moscow Apartment With A Glass Wall Between Bedroom And Residing Area

This modest apartment in Airbus is anything at all but modest in sophisticated modern style and efficiency. Even even though the whole apartment can be noticed in practically a single glance, the architecture is true, the colors are neutral and muted, and décor is effectively-edited and developed to perfection.

The finish end result? An inspiringly maximized living area inside an ultra modern apartment…and an inherently improved quality of life.

What greets us at the door is a wide, brilliant, all-white entryway. No further and unnecessary furniture pieces clutter the walkway right here, which makes it possible for everybody to value and get advantage of the spacious width and tall ceilings.

Closet doors mix in seamlessly with the white walls, additional sustaining the sleek physical appearance of the room although still meeting the functionality of front-door-space wants.

Crisp, clean lines and muted neutral tones exude basic sophistication in the residing location. Enormous windows at the opposite end of the area draw our eyes by means of the space and make it seem greater than it actually is.

Of program, though we’re drawn to the views from individuals windows, we can’t overlook the other focal characteristic of this apartment: a beautifully created fireplace plus bookcase plus enjoyment center plus further seating.

The dark wood tones of this function carry it quickly into prominence in an presently beautiful area. And to hold anybody from getting deterred by the sharp lines of this piece (if that is attainable), the total thing rests on a bed of organic rock.

The rocks not only break up the straight lines that form this apartment’s skeleton, but they also produce visual curiosity and possibly serve a practical purpose as well, retaining warmth from the fire.

After investigating that Siren of a window view, you will flip close to to get a complete view of the kitchen and dining spot.

It is an open idea space, of course most contemporary interiors are created this way, basically simply because a small urban apartment such as this must maximize every square centimeter.

A closer see of the kitchen will present white cabinets that are a continuation of the white walls throughout the apartment. Wood floors during lend continuity and warmth – essential information to integrate into modern day layout.

3 narrow columnar pendant lights deliver our eye up just sufficient to balance the scope, and they also mimic the form and layout of the present day bar stools.

A mirrored bar stool kick board reflects the residing area (and, again, people windows), delivering a lot more light and substance to the view.

From the side, the hugely efficient kitchen is a chicly unobtrusive workhorse.

No matter whether or not you have observed the serene modern bedroom behind the sofa very likely depends on regardless of whether the dividing curtain has been pulled open or not.

Even when open, the curtain serves double-duty as an additional textural element to the area.

A glass wall (really sliding door) separates the 2 spaces physically, although the white curtain can be pulled the length of the wall to separate the rooms visually.

The bedroom is, not surprisingly, warmly efficient in its décor as nicely. Crisp proper angles and contemporary touches mix with a soothing shade palette of stone and sand to create an inviting getaway room.

It is a satisfying view, searching into or out of the bedroom.

A television mounted on an underlit “floating” shelf is offered extra distinction by its bigger-scaled dark wood background, which frames the display equivalent to what we found in the residing area.

In this kind of a modern day space, we’d count on absolutely nothing significantly less of the bathroom’s style…and we’re definitely not disappointed. A wall-mounted “floating” sink and cabinet set the tone for minimalism in architecture right here, and the neutral palette is continued in this room as nicely.

And mirrors, mirrors everywhere make this small room appear at least double its actual footprint.

Design task by Russian architect Alexey Nikolashin from SL.Task.

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