A Drive-in Love Affair Grace Studios

Dricke + Hano met through a mutual friend and grew to become great close friends. After some months Hano produced his emotions public, but Dricke wasn’t interested. He then distanced himself from her, enjoying hard to get and she quickly recognized that she didn’t want to be with out him…

The couple opted to have their e-shoot at the drive-in on the rooftop at the Menlyn Park Shopping centre in Pretoria following Abigail from Grace Studios presented them with some Pinsiration to pick from.

“We liked this theme because we are the 2 a minor bit of an outdated soul and have an appreciation for outdated music and outdated videos. In fact we just love videos in general. We have also each stated on numerous events that we would have loved to live in yet another, older, era, so this just seemed so ideal.”

“Hano has constantly explained that our daily life is like a movie and that our enjoy story plays out just like your typical really feel-very good romcom.”