A Couple Of Of My Favourite Issues

Favorite Things1. I’;m obsessed with Katie Stratton’;s new painting and print shop. Her function is beautiful. Can you inform I’;m arranging a new ar2rk wall in my property? 2. This pink door. It really is on-an additional-planet ideal.
Favorite Things 3. I am inspired by this macrama wall hanging by Himo Ar2rk on Etsy. 4. Anthropologie’;s outdoor film night is so exceptionally inspiring. I want to have 1 when the weather warms up.
Favorite Things 5. I require a copy of this poster. Twin Peaks permanently. 6. I’;m in really like with this house developed in 1969. Does not get a lot greater than that! 

And a few far more items I’;m loving this week:  

• This chair in pink.
• My buddy Jenny commenced an adorable Etsy store with 2014 calenders and cute prints.
• Loved how Elise utilized our app to print images for her Project Lifestyle scrapbook.
• Appreciated reading through about Ashley Ann’;s 2012 photo books. Her notion of printing 2 copies (a single to enjoy and one particular for “just in situation”) is brilliant. 
• This tote is lovely. 
• I want to stay at this hotel.

Have a fantastic weekend! xo. Elsie