3D Cat Furniture Set: Modular Hangouts For Walls & Ceilings

3D Cat Furnishings Set: Modular Hangouts for Walls & Ceilings

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Furnishings for felines are practically nothing new, but this one-cease shop supplies modular bridges, beds, posts and platforms developed as a kit-of-components remedy to turn any space into a cat’s customized paradise.

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Goldtatze boasts ground-up scratching posts but also wall-hanging walkways and ceiling-mounted spaces to enable cats full access each horizontally and vertically, while conveniently leaving room beneath and between for human companions (especially valuable in tiny-space urban dwellings).

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Designer and craftsman Stefan Hofmann set about to fix a issue for his personal domestic very best friend (an indoor-only cat) and went on to create solutions that could be deployed past his very own residence.

cat sky suspension bridge

cat hanging aerial walkways

By breaking the system down into a series of personal pieces, the impact is much like that of visiting an IKEA store – the parts are made to be structurally and functionally autonomous, but also to mix and match in custom configurations.

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From scratching posts to snuggle bowls, the resulting furnishings and fixtures perform on feline favorites like boxes and baskets, offering all varieties of areas to explore or just curl up and observe surroundings (from a risk-free, secure and self-picked distance, of course).