Willow Residence: Singapore Oasis Brings The Outdoors In

Singapore Willow House 1

If the lines between outside and in had been any a lot more blurred in this gorgeous greenery-laden Singapore property, it would be much less of a residence and much more of a public park. Willow House by Guz Architects has a wide-open floor plan that integrates ponds, swimming pools, shallow reflecting pools, and more than one particular ‘oculus’ making it possible for trees to develop from one particular level up to the subsequent.

Singapore Willow House 2 Singapore Willow House 3

The property is modern but harmonious with its all-natural surroundings in a minimal Zen-inspired fashion consisting of muted gray stone and warm wood contrasting with crisp black and white elements. The swimming pool has glass walls, generating the awesome blue-green of the water a major visual component when viewed from the lawn.

Singapore Willow House 4

Outside lounge spaces seem out onto islands of ferns in the water, cascades of vines, water fountains, and of program, a number of willow trees. The wood beams supporting the cantilevered roof mimic the form of tree branches, and the roof itself is covered in lush greenery.

Singapore Willow House 5 Singapore Willow House 6

Modern Singaporean architecture is unique in both the nature-influenced design of the architecture itself and the way in which the tropical landscape is integrated right into the home’s indoor/outdoor spaces. This residence is reminiscent of the Wall Property by FARM, which also has big round openings in the upper levels that make space for the expanding branches of trees planted beneath.