We Like Your Curves, Magnet Kitchens

Have you observed how kitchens are turning out to be far more curvaceous?

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Since fitted kitchens have been first conceived they have been largely linear spaces with storage squeezed out of each square centimetre.  The consequence was frequently lengthy runs of wall to wall cupboards with sharp corners and straight lines as far as the eye could see.  There were other practical considerations for this practise too.  Any person could design their own kitchen with the assist of a pencil and a piece of graph paper.


But nowadays, kitchens are not just locations to prepare meals.  They are now the hub of the residence with several activities going on at the very same time.  They are in which the household gather and the place we entertain so it is only right that they must search excellent as well.


Central islands are now on each kitchen wish listing and so much the much better if they seem as great as these examples from Magnet Kitchens.  Curves not only look good but they support the flow around a busy kitchen and are considerably much more forgiving than sharp corners.

Magnet-Kitchens---Neve---Modern day---DL

And just in case you want some help organizing your curvaceous kitchen Magnet have shared with us this helpful little video.

This post has been written in association with Magnet Kitchens.