Water Fight! Recycled Bulbs Recall Hanging Water Balloons

recycled glass water balloon lights

Water balloon fights are often fun (in warm weather, that is), and Torafu Architects needed to bring that entertaining into the property. Their Water Balloon lights were inspired by the sight of water pouring into balloons from a sink tap.

led water balloon lights

The pendant lights function bulb-shaped glass with tons of small bubbles inside. They aren’t lit like you might anticipate, nevertheless they contain LEDs which light the glass from its prime, highlighting the beautiful imperfections in the glass pieces.

bubbles led water balloon light

The glass has been recycled from fluorescent lamps. Like water balloons in the middle of being filled or just about to burst upon hitting an opponent, every “bulb” has a special form. The bubbles in the glass naturally vary from one fixture to the next, seeking a minor like a minute frozen in time: that scrumptious moment just just before you tie the finish of the balloon and lob it at an opponent.