Two-Box House: Basic Dwelling Of Dual Shipping Containers

container home main

When executed well, container architecture speaks for itself – the constituent containers grow to be the anchors for the design close to which the rest of the supplies and spaces flow. This is 1 this kind of exemplary construction.

container exterior

In the Savannah Project from PriceStreetProjects, 2 containers are somewhat offset to generate main enclosures and area out to allow for a central entry and sky-lit hallway among the perimeter-finishing boxes.

container home deck

Punching a handful of holes in the containers allows for simple motion among spaces, views out and light in, but take advantage of these pre-constructed boxes by leaving them largely a lot more intact. The ends can also open to develop alternate entry factors or let in fresh air.

container interior

The complete task is set up on a wood deck, trimmed and joined by wood and glass, leaving the aged metal of the containers and their present paint jobs to offer visual contrast to these newer and cleaner components. The offset of the pair of containers creates great partial exterior enclosures for decks.

container porch

About the architect: “Price Street Projects combines functional layout with creativity to develop sustainable, economical and progressive living and perform environments. Based in Miami and Brooklyn, PSP specializes in developing structures made from shipping containers, every single distinctive to its website and use, blending ar2rk and architecture to check out the boundaries of the classic construction/building model. PSP was founded in Savannah, Georgia in 1991 by artist/architect/designer, Julio Garcia.”