Two, 3 & Four: A Courtyard Home By Javier Galindo Architecture

2 3 4 Courtyard House

This Courtyard Residence is work of Javier Galindo Architecture practice,and it’;s proposal for a vacation home for a painter and his household located outdoors of Greenport, Long Island. 2, 3 & 4 Home is an attempt to generate synchronicity between form, light and privacy inside the confinements of the courtyard typology.

From the Architects:

This proposal for a holiday property for a painter and his loved ones found outdoors of Greenport, Extended Island is an try to create synchronicity amongst type (static), light (dynamic) and privacy (subjective) within the confinements of the courtyard typology. Different deformations of a 4 sided courtyard area centripetally arranged as to maximize privacy and daylight requirements in the course of the course of the day. The components are positioned counterclockwise beginning with studio and work functions which are favored throughout the morning, transitioning to afternoon functions this kind of as dining and cooking, and ending with residing spaces which are lively at night. Every of these packages is provided a courtyard type which by its breaking, relates to its light and privacy demands.

2 3 4 Courtyard House


The workplace/ operate area, utilised mainly during the mornings and requiring less loved ones privacy, much more public presence and better direct light is placed at the south east corner of the plot to maximize the morning sun. This function space is provided a 2 sided courtyard, which increases views, public transparency and daylight in the course of the morning hrs.

2 3 4 Courtyard House 2 3 4 Courtyard House


The kitchen and dining region are situated in the south west side to maximize the afternoon light. This area which has 2 programs (kitchen in the middle of 2 dining locations, a formal and informal one particular) is given a 3 sided courtyard, creating a semi private atmosphere in regards to the exterior/interior romantic relationship, but far more interaction in regards to the interior space (frontal axial relationship, connector of 2 applications)


The 4 sided classic courtyard, is reserved for late afternoon family functions in which a higher degree of privacy is essential. Its closed form enables the personal gatherings to be intimate with out any public interference as nicely as bringing the greatest volume of light at this stage of the day.

Project: 2, 3 and 4: a Courtyard Residence
Designed by Javier Galindo – JGCH Architecture
Spot: 5000 sqf
Location: Greenport, Prolonged Island, New York, USA
Internet site:

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