Total Of Surprises: 300-Square-Foot Workplace Turned Apartment

small apartment

This quirky layout fits a surprising amount of levels and hidden compartments into an ultra-tiny room, generating a system of storage and sleeping locations that help offset the essential additions to assistance each and every floor.

small convertible space

Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos (photographs by Yen Chen) made the main floor a massive open residing area with a smaller kitchen counter area tucked towards the door and the bathroom behind it. White, white and much more white maintain the visual palette straightforward, open and vivid.

small exploded axon

Over, a lofted sleeping area is not tall adequate to stand in but ideal for sitting or sleeping, taking benefit of the not-very-double-height room.

small apartment hidden storage

In among, an interstitial location gives closet and other storage area with standing room only – but absolutely nothing else is really needed there so it all looks to operate. The total result is a good variety of spatial experiences, making one particular feel much less stuck in the automatically-low square footage offered.