Tile A Kitchen With The Ghosts Of Outdated Computer Monitors

tiles made from old CRTs

Way back in the dark days just before flat screens, computer monitors and television screens were made of cathode ray tube, or CRT, glass. The materials is traditionally very hard to recycle other than into other CRT glass objects simply because of its composition. Now, because flat screens have replaced their clunkier predecessors, there is an abundance of CRT glass in landfills.

cathode ray tube monitor tiles

FireClay Tile has come up with a approach for recycling the CRT glass and turning it into grey tiles which are safe to use in the house. The tiles can be applied to the wall of kitchens or bathrooms without having concern of damaging substances.

recycled crt tiles

The business has presently teamed up with ECS Refining to start creating the tiles. A Kickstarter campaign was developed to let the tiles to attain a wider, more cost-effective level of manufacture. Maybe soon your kitchen and bathroom will be lined with the pieces of a misplaced generation of technological innovation.