The Ultimate Nights Sleep

Latest research suggest that one in 3 of us in the United kingdom will have an episode of insomnia in our lifetime. Obtaining an uncomfortable sleeping environment can be one particular of the brings about, with unpleasant bedding to blame.

Beneath are a handful of examples of some gorgeous silk goods from Gingerlily, which can aid to improve comfort while also adding a touch of class to your property.


This all seasons bodyweight duvet is excellent all 12 months round. It can be employed in the hottest instances of summer season while it also boasts becoming warm sufficient for winter in a centrally heated residence.

Bed Linen

Created from the best Grade A mulberry silk, this silk bedding will change to your physique temperature and also boasts currently being hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. This can make it the finest of luxury bedding.


Silk pajamas will give you the feeling of sheer luxury. Again, being made with only the finest silk, the pajamas substantial protein content can make them quite type on the skin.


Including a touch of class to a space is just as crucial as being comfy. These sophisticated silk pillowcases can mix with matching duvets, flat sheets and fitted sheets.