The Floating Glass Property With A Stylish Interior And A Breathtaking See

Emerald-Art-Glass-House-01 Emerald-Art-Glass-House-02

Positioned on Pittsburgh’s South Side slopes, the Emerald Glass House floats above the owner’s glass manufacturing facility like a foreman’s shack. The owners, a couple explained that all they wished was a tiny bit of peace and quiet and because they owned tiny area behind their factory, developing it on best of it seemed the most practical determination. “Industrial style style and homelier factors make the dwelling really interesting and increasing from the hillside, the extraordinary cantilever forms the best floor of the 4-storey home.

Emerald-Art-Glass-House-03 Emerald-Art-Glass-House-04 Emerald-Art-Glass-House-05 Emerald-Art-Glass-House-06 Emerald-Art-Glass-House-07 Emerald-Art-Glass-House-08 Emerald-Art-Glass-House-09 Emerald-Art-Glass-House-10 Emerald-Art-Glass-House-11 Emerald-Art-Glass-House-12 Emerald-Art-Glass-House-13 Emerald-Art-Glass-House-14 Emerald-Art-Glass-House-15 Emerald-Art-Glass-House-16

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