The Calm Gallery

If you like cute quotes and daring pictures but don’t want to shell out also much for the pleasure, then a good substitute is tea towels.  I came across The Calm Gallery just lately and really loved their variety they make postcards, tea towels and prints from different artists and regularly get new patterns in. Most of them are developed by hand by their artists  which can make them feel pretty special.

A single of my favourites was the Eat You Greens tea towel, it’s a lovely addition to my kitchen at the tiny price of £10.

tea towel

A handful of of my other favourites are The Immaculate Perception, I enjoy the collage effect and the odd juxtaposition of the lady’s head on a branch.

immaculate perception

I also have my eye on this Russian doll tea towel by Hazel Nicholls:

it is whats inside

It’s a fantastic way of including small bits of ar2rk to your property without having it costing also much.


At the side of each and every piece on the website it tells you whether or not it was display printed, hand signed and where to uncover the artist’s person collection. As properly as getting a brilliant on line present store, its also a fantastic platform for artists to showcase their work.