Substantial Wire Act: Lamp Cords Ultimately Consider Center Stage

string lights

Placing a hanging lamp someplace in your property often presents a dilemma: how to hide the energy cord. Designer Michael Anastassiades brings the electrical power cord out into the open in his series String Lights for Italian lighting brand Flos.

artistic lamp cords kors lighting strings

Rather than trying to mix the cords in with the walls to make them fade into the background, Anastassiades turns them into component of the design. They produce volumes and shapes in the air, drawing exclusive geometric visions against the walls and ceilings.

lights hanging from artistically arranged strings suspended string lights

Noticed from a specific angle, the cord and LED light arrangements search like simple pencil drawings on a white background. It is this simplicity which helps make the cord arrangements so compelling: the cords are usually there, but it appear a different stage of see to make them stand out.