Street Art By Royal Doulton

There had been a whole lot of stands that caught our eye at Property London this year, 1 in certain was from Royal Doulton representing their street Art range.

Iconic British brand Royal Doulton has broken the barrier amongst street art and the residence.  Teaming up with cutting-edge artists Pure Evil and Nick Walker, it is generating the greatest of British art accessible with an interesting assortment of 8 limited edition plates, every day mugs and a collection of 4 17cm plates that are a daring juxtaposition of classic British layout and progressive ar2rk.


Otherwise acknowledged as Charles Uzzell Edwards, Pure Evil’s dark fashion, which includes the sell-out Nightmare’ prints and ‘Pure Evil in the Pillory’, is inspired by the resistance of the Utopian dreams his ancestor Sir Thomas Far more, the Chancellor, died for. Other styles utilized in the range incorporate, ‘Marilyn Marlene Dali’, ‘Beautiful Things’, ‘Neon Butterfly’, ‘Bunny Fingers’, ‘JFK’s Nightmare’ and ‘East Finish Tagger’.


Nick Walker, a trailblazer in the ground-breaking Bristol underground street art scene is identified for his mixture of substantial power imagery and intricate and managed stencil use. He created the transition from urban ar2rk to the gallery walls and is dominating the ar2rk globe with his sophisticated, radical and extremely witty style.

royaldoulton 2014-01-13 15.43.46

2014-01-13 15.44.04-1The Royal Doulton stand at Residence London.