Starry Evening: Cocoon-Like Bed Lulls You To A Peaceful Rest

cosmos bed

If you can not sleep outdoors beneath the stars due to poor climate or deathly worry of bears, the Cosmos Bed from designer Natalia Rumyantseva is a rather wonderful substitute. The bed somewhat resembles an oblong hollowed-out egg with a piece missing. The prime curves above the round sleeping location to give a cozy tiny den to tuck into at night.

cosmos bed relaxing LEDs

The ceiling of the Cosmos Bed is dotted with LEDs to simulate a true starry sky. The futuristic bed even characteristics a mattress that can be adjusted to the slope of your deciding on.

relaxing cocoon bed

To additional customize the sleeping encounter, the bed has an audio technique that can play soothing music or white noise to support you drift off to sleep. The exact same method acts as an alarm in the morning when you require to emerge from your cocoon. Theraputic and soothing aromas can be launched at your discretion – just yet another unique touch that can make the Cosmos Bed the ideal area to catch your beauty sleep.