Spider Web Chairs Develop From Threads + Crystal Answer

crystal growing chairs

Most furnishings is crafted from supplies both natural or man-created, but anything magical takes place when Tokujin Yoshioka employs inorganic materials to produce his “growing chairs.”

spider web crystal growing chairs

The artist starts out with seven threads which he stretches around and by means of the metal chair frame types. These threads “draw” the kind of a chair in the air.

Tokujin Yoshioka spider web crystal chairs

Yoshioka then induces the development of crystals on the frames with the use of a mineral answer. As the crystals grow, the “chairs” get form.

growing crystal chairs

Due to the fact the crystals are natural formations, it looks that nature itself is creating the guy-made chair formations. When entirely covered in crystals, the chairs appear rather harsh and certainly not cozy to sit on, but they are beautiful examples of the varieties nature can get.

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