Restauran In Madrid Came Across An Remarkable Visual Game


Restaurant, Rayén Vegano in Madrid attributes a creative and ephemeral installation which takes place to mark the restaurant’s entrance. The installation constructed just making use of yellow tape, painted décor factors, pineapples and a lamp. All these brought together, produce the illusion of light, “a visual game amongst viewpoint and colored volumes that gained the seems.”

Restauran-Came-Across-an-Visual-Game-2 Restauran-Came-Across-an-Visual-Game-3 Restauran-Came-Across-an-Visual-Game-4 Restauran-Came-Across-an-Visual-Game-5 Restauran-Came-Across-an-Visual-Game-6 Restauran-Came-Across-an-Visual-Game-7

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