Reclaimed Abandoned Components Get A Loving Makeover

revamped tree lamp manoteca

The designers at Italian style crew Manoteca consider their operate seriously, with a side of whimsy. Their greatest goal is to reuse and revamp supplies, generating old or discarded objects into new and gorgeous objects.

manoteca tricycle libraries

A lot more than anything, the feeling behind their tasks is to keep the components alive and allow them stay valuable for longer than anyone could have predicted. Wood, metal, suitcases, and other treasures much more than a century old are revamped into shapes and functions that most of us would never ever have dreamed of. Old tricycles turn out to be roving libraries, comprehensive with tiny plug-in lamps and neat slots for books.

manoteca tables

Carefully and lovingly restored suitcases grow to be the removable top of a puzzle-like table. A dining table opens up to grow to be a perform table for an artist, full with storage pockets for supplies. The wondrous surprises produced by Manoteca should be a lesson to designers (and DIY enthusiasts) everywhere: reused supplies, handled nicely, display even far more character and originality than the most present day of materials.