Purchase 1, Give 1: Biodegradable Altruistic Toothbrush

bamboo biodegradable toothbrush

Bogobrush is an fully biodegradable toothbrush produced of bamboo and nylon, none of which will finish up in the landfill. The company’s philosophy is similar to that of shoe company Tom’s: for each and every Bogobrush purchased, a second is sent to an individual in need.


The design and style team of brother and sister John and Heather McDougall grew up as the children of a dentist. They decided to reinvent the toothbrush and deliver the plight of the atmosphere into the public’s see.

biodegradable toothbrush

The toothbrushes are obtainable for buy, both individually or on a yearly subscription strategy. Being aware of that each obtain benefits each the atmosphere and a man or woman in need to have can make it easier to shell out a few bucks every 6 months for a new toothbrush.

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