Olive Oil Dispenser Lets You Target Your Oil Distribution

foodie olive oil roller

Olive oil is one particular of those condiments that no kitchen ought to be with no, but obtaining it where you want it – and in the quantity sought after – is no simple task. Croatian design group Oaza have launched the Oil-On dispenser, a kitchen instrument that lets you apply just ample olive oil, just the place you want it.

olive oil roll-on dispenser

The actual device is variety of a no-brainer: it is a tiny glass jar with a cork topper, a modest wooden ball sitting in the middle of the topper. To apply the oil to bread, meat or what ever else you wish, you flip the jar upside-down and roll the oil on. It works just like a roll-on deodorant bottle, albeit with considerably tastier contents.

roll on dispenser for olive oil

The straightforward resources and intuitive utilization would make this a must-have for any critical cook’s kitchen. While it is not nevertheless available for buy, Oaza has plans to manufacture and promote the Oil-On at some point in the future.