Need To-have Bathroom Gadgets

Technological innovation and water do not mix. However, this is commencing to modify. Waterproof engineering is a lot more available than ever, and there are a plethora of gadgets offered for the bathroom.

We’ve rounded up 10 have to-have bathroom devices.

Dyson Airblade

1-design and style-airblade


British organization Dyson are recognized for their progressive technological developments. 1 of their most current inventions is the Dyson Airblade Tap. Featuring their signature Airblade technology, this higher-tech faucet aims to get rid of the require for hand-towels. It first releases water, followed by a 400mph blast of air. For further ease and hygiene, it’s controlled completely by infra-red sensors.

Heated Toilet Seat



At first glance, this toilet seat is just like any other. Nonetheless, it in fact features a twelve-volt thermal circuit, which keeps the seat at a toasty twenty-25 degrees above the temperature of the room. The seat also features an antimicrobial coating, which helps preserve the toilet as hygienic as possible.

Aria Scales



The bulk of dieters use their fat to measure their progress. However, this is a common mistake – water retention can cause bodyweight to fluctuate all through the day, and muscle is heavier than fat. The Aria scale from Fitbit aims to combat this, by measuring your bodyweight, body unwanted fat percentage and BMI. It then wirelessly sends the information to a private on the internet account, making it possible for you to effortlessly track your progress. The device can recognise up to 8 diverse individuals, so you can use one particular set of scales for the whole family members.




Several bathroom devices are expensive, and made with the wealthy in mind. However, the aim of the Waterpebble is to save you money. This waterproof pebble sits subsequent to the shower drain, and information how long the water flows for. The next time you take a shower, the pebble will emit a green light, shifting to amber and then red as you technique the length of your final shower. It encourages you to shorten the time you invest in the shower every day, ultimately reducing the quantity of water employed.

LED Shower Head



This LED shower head might appear like a gimmick at very first glance. Nonetheless, internal heat-detecting engineering changes the colour of the light, based on the temperature of the water. The blue and red lights indicate cold and hot water respectively.

Towel Drawer



The warming drawer was original created for the kitchen, providing cooks with a way of heating their plates prior to serving. Nevertheless, interior designers quickly caught onto this notion, and brought it into the bathroom. Rather than housing plates, this heating draw is perfect for warming towels.

Levaqua Shower Head



This adaptable showerhead from Levaqua invites users to pick from 9 various settings. With the simple touch of a button, the water flow can be altered to give a massage, conserve water, or even turn off after a set sum of time.

Beam Brush



The Beam Brush is, in portion, a higher-tech version of the novelty singing toothbrush. Nevertheless, rather than enjoying a single, lower-good quality song, it wirelessly connects to a smartphone app, playing a song of the user’s option. The brush can also keep track of the length of time it’s utilized for, and even set individual ambitions for oral hygiene improvement.

Crosswater Digital



Flip your mobile phone into a remote handle with Crosswater’s technology. Their selection of faucets and showers can be managed with the Digital app, making it possible for you to set your temperature preferences, and even flip the water flow on and off remotely.

Waterproof Speaker



Usually when a producer claims that their item is waterproof, it can only stand up to mild splashing. However, owners of this robust bathroom speaker from Braven have nothing at all to concern – it can survive virtually any aquatic journey, aside from total submersion.

Travel Toothbrush



Not all have to-have bathroom gadgets are higher-tech. This easy design from Kawamura-Ganjavian  was initially conceived with travellers in mind, but can also be used to save time at house. End users fill the entire body of the toothbrush with their selected toothpaste. Twisting the base of the brush then dispenses a little volume onto the bristles.

This publish was written by Anne Haimes of AH Interiors, an interior designer with in excess of twenty years’ expertise, based in Henley-on-Thames, England.