Navigable Houseboat Transforms Into A Modern Residing Room

Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-1 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-15

BBVH Architects Rotterdam has transformed an extraordinary navigable houseboat to a modern living space.

The steel interior of the cargo hold was then insulated with 10 centimeters of foam and covered with light colored plywood. The floor is a cast cement floor on prime of the isolation and piping. For the patio itself the major substances were an outside bathtub and a pear tree. The security of younger little ones is of program an issue on a ship and a patio is an best way of giving kids outdoor playroom without having the danger of falling overboard. The pear tree is not a frequent element on a ship but in terms of fat and size it is an easy process to for a vessel used to carry hundreds of tons sand, cement or stones. The deck-residence and steering hut have been restored and relatively modernized and are now rented out as an independent mini apartment. [Information supplied by means of e-mail by BBVH Architects Photo credits: Luuk Kramer ©]

Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-2 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-3 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-4 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-5 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-6 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-7 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-8 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-9 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-10 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-11 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-12 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-13 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-14 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-16 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-17 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-18 Navigable-Houseboat-Living-Space-19

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