MO Residence By FRPO


The uniquely shaped MO House undertaking in Madrid, Spain is operate of FRPO‘s architects, whose practice specializes on modern residential projects. Uncover more of their lavish answer right after the leap:

From the Architects:

Systematic Freedom

The MO Home undertaking belongs to a household of tasks developed in the office starting in 2005.

These tasks discover the possibilities of generating architectural complexity out of the mixture of simple components. During this method of projects, conditioned by a big quantity of plan specs settled by the clients, we have been forced to systematize each and every style determination in purchase to simplify the process to its full capacity. The benefits produced a great shock: the mixture of a number of extremely basic spaces offered an really wealthy spatial encounter.

We had discovered a new tool to perform with. Thus we could transfer this system to other conditions, the combinations would be multiple. A compact figure could become a lot of different figures in the potential, with regards to new and particular undertaking needs. Some extremely simple fundamental principles and a series of pieces with satisfactory proportions would enable an limitless selection of answers.

In 2010 we obtained a commission to design a single household house in a forest in the outskirts of Madrid. The opportunity y to implement this design and style program was there, again: even though the programmatic specifications had been more conventional, the website would demand a complex geometry.

The powerful presence of the trees and the want to have a home integrated in the woods led to a disaggregated solution. The program was transferred in a very direct and natural way to a number of simple rectangular pieces. The diverse topological relations in between the pieces determined a series of beneficial options, 24 in the end. The optimal version was chosen and the program of the MO Home was this way defined.


Wood in the Woods

The ultimate arrangement of the strategy opened 2 technical problems that place the answer into query: the high selection of angles in the joints in between pieces and a penalized form element that would end result in a damaging effect on the energetic performance of the house (an elevated façade-volume ratio). In addition to that, one more crucial problem aroused: proximity of trees required a little aggressive foundation program.

The technical remedy adopted in a first technique –steel skeleton with concrete slabs- did not appear viable. We necessary a lighter technique that could be assembled in a far more accurate way. It had to be easy –like the program- and thermally favourable. On a visit to his studio, a pal showed us a cross-laminated wood panel by KLH. The merchandise met all the demands: a solid structural material with higher insulating functionality and CNC manufactured at their Austrian factory. MO residence would be sound wood. Wood in the woods. 72 mm thick walls. Slabs from 95 to 182 mm. The total bodyweight of the framework would not reach a single third of a traditional program. The foundations could as a result be produced of galvanized steel micropiles only 2 meters prolonged. The panels would be produced by numerical management cutting, guaranteeing accuracy at all angles. The framework would be insulating, continuous, light-weight, exact and very thin. The floor of the home could be a direct transposition of the perform scheme. The installation method would be fast and exact.

The nature of the venture remained intact and its technical needs had led us to the discovery of a new venture matter.

Task: MO Property
Designed by FRPO
Staff Leaders: Pablo Oriol, Fernando Rodríguez
Collaborators: Pastora Cotero, Cornelius Schmitz, Cristina Escuder, Inés Olvarrieta
Consultants: Alter Materia, Miguel Nevado
Photography: Miguel de Guzmán
Spot: Madrid, Spain

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