Lovely Eco-house In Denmark


This magnificent property is located in Denmark, the interior is made in the type of Africa. The mansion has a cozy and harmonious ambience, both inside and outdoors the house so you can appreciate the lovely nature and exciting. The interior makes use of a big volume of organic brick. The mansion is filled with normal accessories and intriguing items.

2-beautiful wall

All the trim of the residence consists of a beautiful gray brick, there are no transitions, and thresholds, the property mix and looks truly humorous. Shut to the house is lined walkway and about the residence is lined with modest pebbles. Close to the home is planted with beautiful trees – birch, and are a stunning black vase.

3-beautiful nightstand

The apartment is only natural pieces of furniture, and they are constructed of wood and stone, the floor paved with light and zebra, the ideal course to pick artificial variant that persist longer.


Bathroom interior created in savoir-faire, the window in the bathroom well lit area. The hanger is developed in the fashion of a stunning staircase from all-natural branches, which dried up. On the wall hang gorgeous horns, which are nicely decorated space.


Good picture: deep bath located opposite the wonderful fireplace, which can not only admire, but also produces a warm and romantic environment.


Close to the huge bathroom, the glass is a shower, outdoors the bathroom to lay a bearskin. On the floor lay a large tile and desirable gray shade.

7-beautiful chair

The space has natural light, which is very decorating the space and fills it with light. Furnished vivid and attractive.

8-beautiful bed

Paved with wonderful bed linen, with stunning ornaments, black and white shade blends effectively not only among themselves but also with wood equipment.

9-perfect stone

The sitting area has an open fireplace, which is faced with the same stone, as properly as close to the property, on the floor laid skins.

10-ideal kitchen