Loft FOR By Adn Architectures

Loft FOR

Architects from adn Architectures practece have worked with 96 square meters of interior space at Loft FOR.  Not an easy task taking into consideration the area had only 4 concrete cold walls and a handful of windows. Process was to refurbish it into a living as effectively as functional area. 

From the Architects:

Let’s get straight to the level: an imposed decorum, 4 walls and a number of windows, functional needs to sleep, eat go through and wash.
2 inner bodies that embrace the envelope without touching it, opaque, translucent, airy, abstract.

Loft FOR

A location: 
An unfinished surface of 96 square meters: walls made of terracotta blocks, raw concrete ceiling, windows on 2 of the 4 walls and 2 technical ducts.

Loft FOR

A system: 
Design it for a couple who want a loft conversion sort of interior style with efficient use of room.

Loft FOR

An reply:
Seek purity of form and functional simplicity.

Loft FOR

Creation of a minimal of 2 new volumes and use of a quite limited set of resources.

Loft FOR Loft FOR Loft FOR Loft FOR Loft FOR Loft FOR

2 volumes are constructed and 3 pieces of furniture are set up to structure the volume. The 2 metallic volumes on the ground floor welcome the 2 functions that need doors that close: the bathroom and the laundry area. The prime floors of the volumes conceal a bedroom and an office. The position of these volumes alongside technical ducts determines distinct volumes with diverse qualities.

The 3 pieces of furniture then construction and give function to the remaining space: a extended kitchen cabinet in a narrow space among the entrance and the laundry area, a wall of storage near the entrance and a library in the more intimate space that leads to the balcony.

The resources are polyurethane screed for the floor sound or perforated metal for the structuring factors, stratified MDF for the furnishings, with a paint finish to exacerbate the texture of the numerous supplies. The ceiling is kept as is to remind of the pre-present unified volume.

Venture: Loft FOR
Developed by adn Architectures
Spot: Brussels, Belgium
Photography: Filip Dujardin
96. sqm
Internet site:

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