LK House By Dietrich Untertrifaller Architects

LK House

Eye-catching style of the LK Residence situated in Challenging, Austria created by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architects studio. There is much more right after the leap:

From the Architects:

The architectural solution stages a play of 2 cubes stacked on top of each and every other. Their delicate physical appearance conjures up lightness that contrasts with the dimension as effectively as the choice of materials, “heavy” exposed concrete. This stress amongst the image of the home and the provoked encounter-based mostly understanding of its “impossibility” induces fascination.

The play with the abstract that inspires the sculptural quality of the creating is continued in the finishing. Mainly 2 components are utilized: an immaterial white for ceilings and walls and the dark wood of the smoked oak that kinds the floors and is also identified in window frames and doors. The entrant right away sees the spatial layout as it emulates the kind of the building on the outdoors. From the entrance at the intersection in between ground floor and the upper story placed in an orthogonal route one floor above, a cross-shaped corridor layout can be distinguished on 2 levels. The living quarters on the ground floor with a see of the backyard are accented by the dining room that projects into the garden in line with the upper story that juts out of the building one floor above. The inserted light shaft opens to the workplace and a lodger flat. The bedrooms in the upper construction provide a panoramic view of the close by lake due to the altitude and the orthogonal twist of the developing.

Project: LK Property
Made by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architects
Area: Difficult, Austria
Web site:

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