La Florida By Otto Medem De La Torriente

Florida Otto Torriente

Eye-catching layout of the La Florida home found in Madrid, Spain produced by Otto Medem de la Torriente studio. There’;s more after the jump:

From the Architects:

The Florida’s housing is one of the most representative project in our office. At the project’s beginnings we saw that one of the most important determinant thing, it was its very own circumstance. The great deal was actually close to the A6 highway, a really essential street in Madrid, so the continuous noise it was quite uncomfortable in spite of the area: a quiet area with lots of vegetation.So the orientation was a simple factor from the initial design. With all these concepts and another aesthetic and functional components, that continued with our office philosophy, it emerged the thought: The Protective Arm. We needed the property to be like arms that protect its end users from the exterior noise and from the cold north. That idea’s materialization was 2 pieces, “L” positioned, that give back to the highway and that receives the light and the sun warmth from the southeast. The house’s venture, the plants and the building’s form had constant adjustments to obtain presently a single. It had to modify to the customer’s needs.The rooms have been distributed in 3 levels. The ground floor and the upper floor were oriented to the backyard, but the basement was semi-buried, so we designed 3 courtyards to get the light in this side of the house.The final consequence was really satisfying, each for the consumer and our workplace.

Venture: La Florida
Developed by Otto Medem de la Torriente
Partners Architects: Carlos Bernárdez Agrafojo, Laura Portillo Rodríguez, Carlos Fernández Salgado
Region: 1,270 sqm
Place: Madrid, Spain
Web site:

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