Key Financial Data Indicates Good Timing For A Home Makeover

Deciding whether or not to spend some time and inevitably money to enhance your home environment is not always a straightforward decision. There are 2 obvious cases where it is pretty much common sense to invest money on a home makeover, primarily when you are looking to sell your residential property to a buyer so you can move house or if you have acquired a buy-to-let property and wish to maximise the rent you can obtain from prospective tenants browsing in your area. These aside makeovers are generally going to be aspirational affairs, where you want to be more comfortable in your home or simply want to refresh your surroundings to give your property a new lease of life.

Home Improvements

Materials required to embark on a makeover can start at a few pounds for some door handles, to a few hundred pounds for some new furnishings to thousands or even tens of thousands when getting involved in a full kitchen refurbishment, building a conservatory, arranging room to room carpeting and so forth. The purchase price of these materials along with outer consumer goods is reflected in the Consumer Price Index and the great news for any wannabe makeover residents is that this measure of the cost of goods is at its lowest for 4 years! Currently sitting at just 1.9% this could be the perfect chance to step up and do that makeover whilst the raw materials essential to making it a success are relatively inexpensive.

Bathroom Design

Alongside the low inflation figure mortgage lenders have been stepping up volumes. Taking out a remortgage through a broker such as First Choice Finance is one way you can raise the funds to meet the cost of investing in your homes appearance and according to the CML mortgages lenders advances 8.5% more money for remortgaging in 2013 when compared to 2014, so you may well be able to access the money you require.

living room design