Inverted Marble Pyramid Is Like A Floating Monolith Table

inverted marble table

This pyramid-shaped marble table standing on its end appears like an impossibly heavy monument. It looks to stability on its smallest point, a feat that any person who knows anything about the laws of physics may possibly find a bit impossible.

pyramid table

The table, named Lythos, was created by French designer Toni Grilo for furnishings label Haymann Editions. Grilo wished to perform with marble but realized that the excess weight of the materials would existing some practical problems.

upside down pyramid marble table

At first attempting – and then rejecting – a metal honeycomb structure, the designer at some point settled on a lightweight but very difficult plastic substrate for the thin marble slices.

illusion inverted pyramid marble table

A little stone counterweight and leather strap support to the 2 preserve the tabletop in area and make it easier to move when essential. The minor trick that tends to make the table appear like an inverted pyramid also helps make the piece practical.