Highs + Lows: Suspended Bedroom + Sunken Living Space

chez valentin

This small 50 square meter apartment in Montrouge, France takes the concept of the suspended bedroom and tends to make it even far better. In this residence, the floating bedroom doubles as furniture on one degree and a cozy small cubbyhole on the other.

floor plan chez valentin apartment

Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec Architects placed a suspended metal cube in the middle of the apartment in between the kitchen/dining location and the sunken living area. This cube is a self-contained bedroom which takes up specifically zero of the apartment’s meager floor room.

bedroom floor additional seating

When the residents of the Apartment Chez Valentin have visitors for dinner or just require much more seating, the ledge of the bedroom cube is lower enough for individuals to sit on like a bench.

suspended bedroom sunken living room

In the living space under, the overhanging suspended bedroom and the twin staircases create a kind of comfy nook in which to do some studying, watching Tv or snuggling.

colorful suspended bedroom

Contrasting with the clean white of the apartment’s surfaces, the bedroom is a vivid and elegant spot. Searching into it is just like seeking into any other apartment bedroom other than the lack of a door – and the fact that it is simply hanging out in the midst of the tiny apartment, offering a sensible and comfy area with no compromising the already-small volume of area accessible in the house.