Great Duplex In New York

1-beautiful view

These stunning apartments are located in the hold of the New York duplexes. This apartment is a large loft, which was destined to remain. The complete region is about 65 square meters. The principal highlight of this apartment – a big and gorgeous window from which you can see the total city. Attic before did not seem so stunning, and fairly different. By means of the large windows allow lots of natural light.

2-bright carpet

The walls in the interior of the white light and color, the apartment is quite substantial ceilings, flooring manufactured of wood. The carpet decorates the apartment, he is quite smart and exciting. The carpet comprises a plurality of elements and spots of interest. Furniture in classical and modern day type chair. Painting on the wall is a really optimistic and vibrant.

3-built-in fireplace

In the residing room there is an fascinating and lovely fireplace. Fireplace as it is embedded in the wall, and seems like a single unit to the wall. The coffee table has a single glass and faired.

4-second floor

The staircase was made by an architect, constructed of black steel staircase leads to the 2nd floor the place the master bedroom.

5-white kitchen

Kitchen manufactured very stunning, white, and also the kitchen is extremely small and comfy, simple background – vivid and shiny surfaces. Chairs with large legs, reminiscent of bar stools. Dining table and serves as a work surface for cooking.

6-interesting stairs

Staircase seems to be extremely great, and beautiful, noble, despite the dark and dark gray metallic colour.


Below stairs situated bicycle, indicating that action residing in this apartment.

8-beautiful bed

The chamber is located on the 2nd floor balcony, and appears very practical and usable.

10-beautiful window