Floating Sauna To Give Stressed Seattleites Double Relaxation

floating sauna 4

Enjoying the steam of a sauna and paying a day out on the water in a boat are 2 of life’s straightforward pleasures. Architecture group goCstudio has mixed the 2 into one particular fantastically soothing floating sauna that will soon set sail on Seattle’s Lake Washington.

floating sauna 3

The floating sauna will be situated out on the lake and site visitors will attain it by kayak. The small platform is stored afloat by more than 2 dozen fifty 5-gallon flotation barrels that are held with each other by an aluminum frame.

floating sauna 1

A wooden deck supplies a spot to catch some sun or to just observe the surroundings and appreciate the stunning lake. A ladder leads up to a platform atop the sauna enclosure, offering a spot from which to dive into the water if you need to have to great off soon after a hot sauna session.

floating sauna 2

The sauna enclosure itself is 8 feet X 8 feet and has a tiered seating setup to fit a number of individuals. A wood-burning stove fuels the steam that fills the Alaskan Yellow Pine enclosure. The team hopes to raise adequate income to make the notion a reality by way of a Kickstarter campaign – and we can’t wait to set sail to the Excellent Ship Relaxation.