Floating Bookshelves Turn Books Into Distinctive Hanging Art

bloom suspended bookshelf

Committed bibliophiles know that how you show your books is nearly as crucial as the sort of books you read. Raw Edges, a Tel Aviv style studio comprised of Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay, designed this striking bookcase called Bloom.

bloom bookshelves

The bookcase was inspired by a weaving loom, featuring numerous vertical cords adorned with movable black stoppers. These stoppers let owners to display their books as although they have been floating on the vertical axis, akin to a fantastical floating backyard.

raw edges bloom bookcase

Because the black stoppers can be moved to any position, end users have the alternative of producing their really own hanging gardens in what ever configuration pleases their eyes. This bookshelf, a lot more than maybe any other, makes it possible for the book lover to translate the art of literature into visible, tangible ar2rk.