Fire In The Hole! Candlestick Creates Reincarnated Candles

regenerating candle

This candle holder does anything that is each revolutionary and typical-sense: it captures a candle’s melting wax to make a new candle above and more than once more. The Rekindle candle holder from designer Benjamin Shine is an ingenious way to get the most for your candle-purchasing dollar.

4 stages of melting

An ordinary taper candle drips melted wax down its sides as it burns. Standard candle holders may, at ideal, catch the wax to hold it from pooling on your table. This one particular directs the melting wax into a plexiglass cylinder.

new candle

Ahead of burning a candle in the Rekindle, you have to insert a new wick for the following candle to use. As wax from the first candle fills the cylinder, it also surrounds the wick, producing a “new” candle.

recaptured wax candle

Of program, some of the wax is lost to the magic of chemical reactions each time the candle is burned. This means that the Rekindle will not specifically give you an infinite candle since eventually there will be no far more wax to recycle. But it will prolong the daily life of a normal candle several, a lot of instances more than. The Rekindle isn’t yet available for purchase, but we’d love to see it gracing the tables and mantels of residences in the future.