CSC House

Eye-catching design of the CSC Property found in Santa Catarina, Mexico designed by MMX studio. There is much more following the jump:

From the Architects:

This venture was previously shown when it was underneath development, now we existing the finish result of the 1st home. The website is organized and divided in response to the pre-current. Of these, the most essential is a massive tree located at the center of the plot. This element defines the position and course of the volumes.The outdoor spaces revolve all around the tree as the axis, they structure the ground that defines the proposal at various scales. The subdivision of the site reflects a method of fragmentation in 2 instructions. In a single route, the slope is divided into platforms that adapt to the topography creating spaces at different amounts. In the other direction, the platforms created are subdivided to create independent spaces for 3 housing units, whose particular geometry arises from the romantic relationship in between the object, the modification of the fast territory and the environment.The position of the volumes is defined by the platforms of the web site. The orientation responds to solar incidence and views of the beautiful landscape. The geometry and shape of the volumes is the consequence of a variety of spatial dynamics of the program, contained by a reinterpretation of classic buildings with gabled roofs. Thus, the form of the homes represents the synthesis of programmatic variations in dialogue with the geographical and constructive situations of the location.

Undertaking: CSC House
Made by MMX
Venture Architects: Jorge Arvizu, Ignacio Del Rio, Emmanuel Ramirez, Diego Ricalde
Collaborators: Erendira Tranquilino, Cecilia Pardo
Client: MI, P
Venture Spot: 150 sqm
Spot: Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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