Contemporary Skyhouse With A Tubular Steel Slide


Occupying a 4 story penthouse construction at the summit of an early skyscraper and commanding astonishing views of the surrounding Lower Manhattan cityscape, this lovely modern apartment created by Ghislaine Viñas Interior Layout  creates a breathtaking modern house in the sky. The interior characteristics an amazing polished stainless steel slide that spans the 4 levels. In contrast to the austere architecture, the interior boasts a daring and saturated colour palette and pop art references.

Skyhouse-With-A-Tubular-Steel-Slide-2 Skyhouse-With-A-Tubular-Steel-Slide-3 Skyhouse-With-A-Tubular-Steel-Slide-4 Skyhouse-With-A-Tubular-Steel-Slide-5 Skyhouse-With-A-Tubular-Steel-Slide-6 Skyhouse-With-A-Tubular-Steel-Slide-7 Skyhouse-With-A-Tubular-Steel-Slide-8 Skyhouse-With-A-Tubular-Steel-Slide-9 Skyhouse-With-A-Tubular-Steel-Slide-10 Skyhouse-With-A-Tubular-Steel-Slide-11 Skyhouse-With-A-Tubular-Steel-Slide-12