Concrete Floor Beautifully Doubles As Kitchen Counter

flower house porto portugal

The Flower Property from Portuguese architects Ezzo is defined by its kitchen countertop which doubles as a floor – and that’s only the beginning of its charms.

kitchen counter bathroom

Situated in Porto, the residence consists of 2 stories. The ground floor was refurbished and the second floor completely demolished and rebuilt. When you enter the property, the floor consists of shiny concrete. As you comply with the flow of the property towards the back, you will see a sunken kitchen on one side and a sunken residing room on the other.

kitchen cabinets

The concrete floor wraps close to, turning out to be the counter top in the kitchen. Cabinets have been set underneath the concrete, which was all poured on-internet site.

Gaining entry to the 2nd floor can be attained by means of a entertaining ladder or a stunning set of winding wood stairs. A research region requires up one particular element of the upper floor although 2 bedrooms and a second bathroom occupy the rest.

patio doors

Each bedroom has a door that leads out to a shared patio. From the vantage point at the leading of a hill, the residents can look out over the rooftops of the city.

exterior flower house

The property has a exclusive movement thanks to all of its components becoming in this kind of cozy quarters. Despite the fact that the within may seem  very modern day, the exterior was kept to a conventional form that fits in with the surrounding houses.