Cobalt Shade In The Interior

1-blue horse

New yr 2014 – the year of the blue wooden horse. This year will carry a wonderful deal of intriguing events, and of program it will bring new trends. The horse carries the power, intensity, inspiration and magic. Blue colour has been common in 2013. Amazing blue color and extremely graceful, shiny, and strong.

10-blue kitchen

Kitchen a fantastic location to finish in blue, all really harmonious look. The classy snow-white kitchen is well blended with gorgeous blue tiles. White cabinets decorated with blue handles.

9-lue table

The simplest option decorations – blue accessories, utensils, tablecloth, it’s really worth noting that the dark blue goes effectively with white and yellow, and lemon colour.

8-white wall

White background – the perfect resolution to fill the room in blue, for illustration, you can decorate the walls with painted blue, blue sofa with brown wall appears quite harmonious. Pillows can be patterned blue or depressed.

7-blue wall

Details perform a quite crucial part in the interior. For instance, it can be a blue fluffy ball that resembles a cornflower, seems to be really great. Cobalt shade goes properly with brown.

6-blue wall

Deciding on a blue background in the interior, it is worth to think about add-ons to make it look harmonious, you can use a gorgeous panel, which looks wonderful and even seems to be in oriental design.

5-blue wall

Cobalt background seems to be very good and is blended with wood add-ons, and wood from natural stones. White accessories look quite good.

4-wooden wall

Use colors that are harmonious seem with blue. Wooden walls look actually wonderful.

3-beautiful pattern

Close to the stove has a stunning tile with stunning peacocks and gorgeous flowers, seems to be quite great and magical.

2-blue doors

Doors in the residence can be blue. Vases can be put in yellow pots, which will make a optimistic mood.

1-blue ottoman