Cabin And Treehouse Within Of A Brooklyn Loft


Created by architect Terri Chiao, this large warehouse design open area is one that’s unforgettable, specially when you see what this resident has carried out with the interior. The cabin in a Loft in Brooklyn is a 2-bedroom loft in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Conceived of as houses inside houses, the cabin and treehouse serve as private sleeping cabins, every with its very own semi-personal garden set off from the shared residing space.

Loft-With-Built-In-Cabin-and-Treehouse-2 Loft-With-Built-In-Cabin-and-Treehouse-3 Loft-With-Built-In-Cabin-and-Treehouse-4 Loft-With-Built-In-Cabin-and-Treehouse-5 Loft-With-Built-In-Cabin-and-Treehouse-6 Loft-With-Built-In-Cabin-and-Treehouse-7 Loft-With-Built-In-Cabin-and-Treehouse-8