Belas Property By Estúdio Urbano Arquitectos

Belas House

Joao Morgado share with us Estúdio Urbano Arquitectos‘ splendid design for the Belas Property located in Lisbon. The residence is found inside the Belas Clube de Campo, a personal condominium, exactly where topography allowed to maximize exterior areas and supply privacy to the customers. For a closer search, carry on after the jump.

From the Architects:

The residence is positioned inside the Belas Clube de Campo, a private condominium, where topography allowed to maximize exterior locations and supply privacy to the users.

The project extends during 3 floors the first floor comprehends garage, maid area, laundry room and technical region the 2nd floor comprehends the workplace, living room, kitchen and bedrooms the third floor is totally occupied with the master bedroom.

The stress between the property and backyard is obtained through the creation of “balconies” that are intentionaly larger than needed. The very same stress was developed among the property and the sky through the thick solar shades. Autochthonous vegetation occupies the in depth gardened places.

Project: Belas Residence
Developed by Estúdio Urbano Arquitectos
Architecture Team: Alain Gameiro e Ana Duarte
Engineering Crew: Pórtico Vertical Ldª – Pedro Fernandes
Landscape Architecture Team: Gonçalo Anastácio
Photography: Joao Morgado Architectural Photography
Plot Spot: 2133 m2
Construction Spot: 587 m2
Place: Lisbon, Portugal

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