Authentic Apartment With Contemporary Objects In Brussel


The beautiful authentic apartment is set in a contemporary fashion, but numerous of the products are from the mid-century. The apartment owners get furnishings in outdated markets, and are seeking for the exact same accessories. Along the walls there are gorgeous paintings and pictures, for instance Marilyn Monroe, which appears genuinely wonderful.


Close to Marilyn Monroe images are beautiful and brilliant jugs, vibrant with photos search wonderful.


In this apartment there live a good deal of cats, they all rest in the apartment. The interior is black, which seems to be very extravagant. Brilliant objects in the backdrop of the wall search actually smart and beautiful. Paint color is matte shade, and seems very harmonious.


All vessels in the interior have been bought in Germany. This collection can be purchased at the old marketplace of vintage issues, the complete collection makes a beautiful and exciting see of the interior.


Unique apartment, there is an interesting case, with transparent glass, and numerous plants that make the area lively and intriguing in spite of their innocence.


The master bedroom has a huge amount of black – black wall authentic look with shiny objects, paintings, and equipment. Cats in this apartment are in each area, they all over the place on the shelves on the sofas on the bed.


Close to the assortment of vases is a massive painting, with unusual bright lines. Vases are on an outdated dresser, which was also obtained at a flea market place.


An old sofa has a classic orange trim, and old upholstery, the owners even managed to get the previous carpet, which had extended been out of trend, but it seems original.


Along the wall there is a lovely and exciting panels as straightforward filaments that are interconnected chaotic.

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