Astrakhan Assortment From Designers Guild

The Astrakhan assortment from Designers Guild draws on the background of exotic pattern discovered inside the traditional costumes and sumptuous textiles of the Silk Road – but introduces a new modern interpretation with a perform on scale and contrast of colour and texture.

The colour palette heralds a return to a richer palette of emerald green, jade, cobalt, amethyst and magenta as effectively as touches of gold and metallic and a graphic use of black and white. Pattern is layered with damask and towards shaded grounds and the use of scale generates trompe l’oeil effects. Texture is key from luxurious velvets, crisp taffetas and prints on stout cotton, wide-width sheer linen and sumptuous silk as nicely as decorative and embossed wallpapers.

Basically luxurious…

0224_Kashgarpreview 0390_Setapreview 0556_Kashgar_Fuschia_Wallpaperpreview 1104_Alexandriapreview