Amazing Swimming Pool Shaped As A Stradivarius Violin


This violin-shaped swimming pool is excellent replica of the Stradivarius and was built with great care and precision by the folk at Cipriano Landscape Style & Custom Swimming Pools. Not only with the form – bridge, strings, tailpiece, f-holes, and chin rest of the violin integrated in the build – but with its state of the ar2rk attributes. And  in the modern engineering the whole pool provides Fiber optic depicting the strings can glow in the evenings as effectively as synchronize with any type of music if there’s any enjoying outside the pool.

Stradivarius-Violin-swimming-pool-3 Stradivarius-Violin-swimming-pool-4 Stradivarius-Violin-swimming-pool-5 Stradivarius-Violin-swimming-pool-6 Stradivarius-Violin-swimming-pool-7 Stradivarius-Violin-swimming-pool-8 Stradivarius-Violin-swimming-pool-9 Stradivarius-Violin-swimming-pool-10