2nd Prize On Competitors [SYDNEY 08] For Eun Jin Koh And Jong Hyun Kim

SYDNEY 08 Cave Container

Cave Container undertaking was designed for the a lot talked about Container Getaway Home competitors, hosted by [AC-CA]. The functions design by Eun Jin Koh and Jong Hyun Kim won the 2nd prize. Uncover more of this rewarded task after the jump:

SYDNEY 08 Cave Container SYDNEY 08 Cave Container SYDNEY 08 Cave Container

From the Architects:

Bondai beach witnessed from the house will look like a secret and a cozy cave.

This property, located at the end of the hill, generates an illusion that it would be a cave manufactured of minimize rocks. The notion began with the roof framework created on in which earth is skimmed. Then necessary applications hang inside it. The roof open its arms to the sea depending on slope and landscape. The containers, which are lightly afloat, also encounter the sea. Since it is a property of cave, its boundary is ambiguous. But it reminds us of a flower blossomed on the end of the ground when witnessed from the distance (Bondai seaside) .

Eun Jin Koh Jong Hyun Kim Eun Jin Koh Jong Hyun Kim

The most essential interest was to safe an independent area for the proprietor of the house. It is why we hung the containers on the roof, not on the ground. It is like many containers share the best space to make a residence. Each element of the roof has different slopes, so we could naturally secure a deep space for terrace. This space (terrace) will be employed for the owner and his buddies in drying surfing boards under sunlight or maintaining them when they come back from exciting in Bondai beach. Whilst the upper part of the residence is utilised independently, the decrease component is linked to a room for every person. Although for widespread use, it is divided into recreational room (for get together) and LDK (for resting). The recreation room naturally leads to a swimming pool and LDK to terrace backyard. This property appears as if it was developed on the residential room on dug ground. Each of the densely floating containers will be lit on one by one particular by its proprietor and they will appear like a cave from Bondai seashore when all are lit.

Eun Jin Koh Jong Hyun Kim Eun Jin Koh Jong Hyun Kim

This home will be employed by the owner and his buddies who love surfing. Every single of them can not only occupy his own container but also command the view of the sea on different degree according to the height of the roof. That is why they (containers) grow to be special. Since the containers hang on it in prefabricated way, they can replaced later if needed.

Eun Jin Koh Jong Hyun Kim

Venture: [Sydney 08] Container Holiday House 
Competition Organized by [AC-CA]
Made by Eun Jin Koh, Jong Hyun Kim
Nation: South Korea
Use-Site Region: 542.84 m2 (Web site Region: one,491.76 m2)
Constructing Spot: 352.64 m2
GFA: 254.3 m2
Optimum Height: 12m
Landscape Region: 1,139.12 m2
Spot: Sydney, Australia
Site: www.ac-ca.org

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