Urban Modern Townhouse With Skylights

urban-contemporary-townhouse-with-skylights-1.jpg Developed by interior designer Cecconi Simone for a community of residences in Toronto, Canada, this this model interior is primarily based on the principle of healthful and sustainable interior environments. The model occupies the ground floor of a townhouse, a prolonged and rather narrow rectangular room. The day region is organized lengthwise and occupies the total left side of the rectangle. The open program area is divided into cooking spot, dining location and sitting area. As the area is really narrow and in order to ensure an straightforward circulation, all the practical and storage components are positioned on a single wall. This wall is actually fully covered in cupboards, shelves and niches, floor to ceiling and side to side. In the cooking area, the wall has a niche with a white Corian worktop and counter backsplash. The worktop integrates the cooker, even though the large modules include the hood, spice cabinets and storage. In front of the cooking niche there is a long kitchen island, in glossy black melamine that contrasts strongly with the glossy white of the storage wall. The counter-leading of the island, in black engineered quartz opposes in its flip the white Corian of the niche, making a classical white and black contrast game.
urban-contemporary-townhouse-with-skylights-5.jpg urban-contemporary-townhouse-with-skylights-3.jpg The third materials present in the composition is walnut wood, the 2 vertically and horizontally. The horizontal surface is the dining table that comes as a prolongation of the kitchen island, but lower in h8. The vertical surfaces are really walnut niches inserted right here and there in the glossy white storage wall. The kitchen island and table are positioned beneath a skylight that brings normal light from over.
urban-contemporary-townhouse-with-skylights-4.jpg Except from storage and niches, the wall also integrates a fireplace with a wood storage niche as well as a flat screen. The living area is set just in front, with a cozy white material sofa, previous wood minimal tables and poufs.
urban-contemporary-townhouse-with-skylights-2.jpg urban-contemporary-townhouse-with-skylights-6.jpg Yet another skylight brings light into the ensuite bathroom, exactly where we can find the identical materials like in the day spot: white Corian and walnut niches and furnishings.
urban-contemporary-townhouse-with-skylights-7.jpg urban-contemporary-townhouse-with-skylights-8.jpg