Timber Architecture: 10 Advantages Of Wood Based Mostly Patterns

Timber Frame House by Egeon Architecten Timber Architecture: 10 Benefits of Wood Based Designs

Timber Frame House from Egeon Architecten

In this post we’ll emblaze the kindling of our innovative imaginations by exploring and detailing the advantages of wood primarily based designs. This article isn’t going to solely revolve upon wooden houses, but use of wood inside types and construction also. Wood is a wondrous materials hopefully you will agree upon conclusion of this write-up.

1. Excellent Insulator & Energy Saver

Some developing components this kind of as steel, inorganic supplies which are non-combustible, expand when heated which can weaken and collapse the framework. Wood reacts in an practically opposite method to this. When heated (not excessively to a combustible temperature of course), wood dries and truly gets even harder.

Let’s make some comparisons here. Glass conducts heat 23 occasions faster than wood, marble 90 times faster, steal 1650 instances quicker and aluminium a whopping 7000 times faster.

This indicates significantly less vitality ‘leakage’ from a house. If you want the warmth (or coolness) to remain in your property, and you want to devote significantly less money on heating (or cooling), wood is a remarkable alternative to brick, concrete or stone. In contrast to other construction components, wood, economically is a star child of insulation.

  • In quick: Making use of wood saves on heating bills and utilizing wooden frames inside of structures is thrifty.
  • Reality: Wood in fact does increase somewhat when air humidity drops beneath %, nonetheless this will not affect the constructors amongst us as even in the most parchedness of climates, humidity doesn’t drop under 5%.
timber cutaway Timber Architecture: 10 Benefits of Wood Based Designs

Wooden Insulation from Greenspec

 2. Swift to Build: Saves Money

“People love chopping wood. In this activity one particular immediately sees final results.” Albert Einstein. Seems like he hit the nail on the head there. Folks like quick inexpensive final results, and that is precisely what wood can provide.

Some wooden property manufacturers can construct a 100m² wooden residence, on web site inside of 7 days. Imagine popping to Florida for a 2 week vacation, returning property to discover a new developing has sprung up in your neighbours backyard. I told you wood was extraordinary!

When compared with brick, stone or concrete, wood constructions surely do conserve time, and inherently with that come cost savings in labour. This is particularly applicable in harsh climate conditions this kind of as heavy rain, snow and icy problems, exactly where wood building can proceed without having hindrance. It has also been said from a builder pal of mine that ideas for wooden structures are simpler to comply with than brick, concrete or making use of steel frames (come to feel free of charge to comment on this in the remarks segment as I don’t know the validity of this comment).

Wood-framed homes enable straightforward modifications throughout and right after the constructing approach and it is since of the ease, versatility and price effectiveness which makes it this kind of a common and low-cost option. Insulated concrete form properties (ICF) can be pricey, troublesome and time consuming to alter publish build.

Egeon Architecten 2 Timber Architecture: 10 Benefits of Wood Based Designs

Timber Frame House from Egeon Architecten

3. Environmentally friendly

Green is the large point these days so of course this is going to be a huge function in this article. Homes produced from trees are sustainable, renewable and environmentally pleasant. Did you know that wooden structures soak up and shop atmospheric CO2 and that wood, even taking into account haulage, is carbon neutral (in truth, it is the only carbon neutral development materials).

Reality: .8 tonnes of carbon emissions are saved for each and every cubic metre of wood which is used in construction, as a result, if a residence utilizes 20 cubic metres of wood, that’s a conserving of 16 tonnes in carbon. In context, 16 tonnes of carbon is the very same quantity of carbon made by driving 90,000 kilometers (as a extremely crude estimate). Employing wood in development, no matter whether it’s a full development of just the wooden frames, really does have a good affect on climate adjust.

Most westernized nations have legislation exactly where at least a single tree has to be planted for every tree which has been minimize. This is considerable since it implies there will be a lot more wood on the planet, which means more carbon absorption. Allow us not put our blinders on however, deforestation is a despicably saddening reality, for that reason make positive your supply of wood is not questionable.

Mature trees actually use soak up much less carbon than younger, more quickly increasing trees, consequently it could be useful in the battle on climate adjust to reduce the older trees, use them in building and plant new carbon munching trees in their place.

reforestation Timber Architecture: 10 Benefits of Wood Based Designs


4. Aesthetically Acrobatic

With in excess of 5000 various woods to decide on from, there is totally going to be some thing that’ll suit ones development or style wishes. Some woods are best for insulation, some for acoustics, grain, shade, physical appearance, and other folks for structural frames, walls, floors, ceilings and furnishings.

In my individual view, the grain on a piece of wood is a single of the most mesmerizing beauties in the natural world, exactly where different hues of shade and textures roll back into each other like an enchanting dance. I’m not more than embellishing it both. Some of the most breath taking architectural styles are wood centered.

Wood can be painted in any shade and can be waxed and varnished which’ll brandish its organic finesse. It can be carved, minimize, glued and nailed.

Wood is so versatile and aesthetically delightful, the only limit to what a single can make with it is limited by ones imagination. Just like Albert Einstein has said, ‘Imagination is far more important than knowledge’ and, ‘Imagination is every thing. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions’. Here’s my personal private spin on that quote, ‘Imagination is everything. It is the preview of remarkable patterns and engineering feats, but to be materialized’.

Guest House on a Barrier Island Timber Architecture: 10 Benefits of Wood Based Designs

Demonstration of the versatility of wood

5. Mechanical Properties & Operating Properties

A number of months ago, in conversation with a horticultural friend of mine, I was discussing a taxus baccata (European yew) hedge with him what he likes to call, ‘Taxus baccata is the hedge with the edge’! We progressed onto the topic of wood density. I usually knew the taxus baccata was a very hard wood since it only grows about 5cm per annum, but I wondered no matter whether it was more difficult than oak. This led me to the ‘Janka’ hardness test which measures how resistant the wood is to denting and put on.

To test the hardness of a given wood, the check measures the force needed to embed an 11.28mm steel ball half way into the wood. It turns out that the yew needs 1500 pounds of force while oak fall just shy at around 1300 lbs.

I’ve explained all that to illuminate ones standpoint of the extraordinary assortment of properties wood can have, which could inspire a single to investigate new kinds of wood in upcoming projects. What’s the hardest wood I hear some say, nicely that would be the Australian Buloke which needs 5060 pounds of force. One of the softest woods is from a cuipo tree, which demands 22 lbs of force, far softer than the far better identified balsa wood which comes in at 100 lbs.

I’m going to get even a lot more technical on you now so skip this if it doesn’t tickle you. Wood, despite the fact that light has a remarkably large tensile strength. Let’s take wood which has a tensile strength of ,6/cm3 and the distinct gravity is 100 N/mm2, as properly as steel which has a tensile strength of 7,89/cm3 and the specific gravity is 500 N/mm2.

If we divide the tensile strength by the gravity, the provided figure will inform us the high quality of the material and its breaking length. The ‘breaking length’ means the stage at which the material breaks beneath its personal fat. Steel which is utilized in buildings has a breaking level of 5.4km and hardened bow steel 17.5km.

When we evaluate the tensile power of steel to 2 varieties of wood, spruce and laminated beech, the respective breaking lengths are 19.8km and 28.3km. Now you know why laminated wood is used on the floors of sports halls!

When it comes to how workable wood is, couple of factors can surpass it. Wood can be whittled in lovely and inventive ways, which can make for almost magical designs. The accuracy and finish that can be achieved with wood can help carve an ordinary style into some thing extraordinary. More to that, wood is relatively simple to preserve and to repair, so if it goes incorrect, repairing the dilemma won’t burn up a too massive of a hole in ones wallet.

janka test1 Timber Architecture: 10 Benefits of Wood Based Designs

Visualization of the Janka hardness test

6. Risk-free, Light, Sturdy & Resilient

One of the several factors why wood is still used nowadays, in spite of massive strides in engineering excellence, is its durability bodyweight and security. Wood has a minor bit of give in it which signifies it can bend slightly, which is a home which bricks do not have. Consequently, if the foundations shift slightly, the wooden property can flex and move with the modify rather than crack. Even the smallest shift in the foundations of a brick residence will case cracks to appear in the mortar (not a excellent look).

Speaking about foundations, one cause that most of the houses in the south east of the USA are wooden is because the soil is weak. Heavy brick can trigger the ground to sink, consequently light wooden houses are favored no person would like to turn out to be the victim of a sink hole.

Back to value once more here, but in a equivalent vain of imagined, wooden homes are prevalent (and at times essential) in the south east since they are cheaper to rebuild if destroyed by a hurricane. It looks a category 5 hurricane will ruin a brick build as properly as a wooden one.

Mesh design Timber Architecture: 10 Benefits of Wood Based Designs

Light wooden structure from Mesh Style+ Projects

7. Water Resistant

Although many woods soak in moisture and water, leading to them to swell, there are some types of wood which are very water resistant.  A study has been carried out into the absorption charges of of 4 various varieties of wood, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock and Sitka Spruce.  The woods have been dried so that their moisture content material ranged from 6-10% and have been then left outdoors, covered.  After 1 yr, the moisture level of Western Cedar was amongst 9-11%, even though the others ranged in between 14-21%.  The boost in moisture absorption from the untreated cedar wood was minimal.

This examine demonstrates that even however some woods have a tendency to soak up moisture, there are certain varieties of wood which will not have that tendency.  I’m sure there are some woods which are used especially for their large absorption prices, and some, this kind of as cedar for their minimal absorption rate.

cedar slats house Timber Architecture: 10 Benefits of Wood Based Designs

Constant Exterior Skin of Cedar Slats

8. Healthy & Normal

Electrostatic charge: This is a large deal for some men and women as electrostatic fees are believed to be unhealthy to some degree. Very good news people, wood emits zero electrostatic charge nada, zilch! Just make

If a space is completed with an uncoated wood, it’ll help regulate the humidity which could support in assisting people with respiratory sensitivity. Not only does it regulate humidity, just the mere search of wood can sooth ones mind and chill out the nervous technique (so I’ve heard!). Just make positive the humidity does not make the wood also moist, otherwise that static electrical energy advantage could be thrown out the window.

For these motives, wood is deemed to be a wholesome option over metal, plastic and other supplies.

TOTeMS Architecture 1 Timber Architecture: 10 Benefits of Wood Based Designs

Calming wooden tones – TOTeMS Architecture

9. Acoustically Sound

Even although wood doesn’t act as a excellent sound insulator, it does avert echoes from bouncing all around the area by absorbing sound waves. When in contrast to its constructive competitors, wood proves to be a lot far more effective at sound insulation, specifically when it comes to insulating between diverse rooms.

Wood is also used in numerous concert halls around the globe as it naturally dampens sound, generating that excellent tone inside of the room.

wood acoustics 1 Timber Architecture: 10 Benefits of Wood Based Designs

Wood being used to enhance acoustics at Soka University concert hall

10. Rust be Gone

Final but not least, wood does not rust. Even however it can oxidize in some form, it is statistically insignificant when compared with metal. Real, there are some metals that do not rust, but they’re much more pricey and can you really criticize wood following we’ve learned how great it is!

The Solar Fab Lab House by IAAC Imaginative Windows Timber Architecture: 10 Benefits of Wood Based Designs

More example of versitility of wood – The Solar Fab Lab Property by IAAC Imaginative Windows

TOTeMS Architecture 2 Timber Architecture: 10 Benefits of Wood Based Designs

Eleagant Wooden Curves – TOTeMS Architecture

In conclusion : Wood is a single of the daddies of building materials: Wood is great.

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